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David Alexander


Contact Details

Office:  Chatswood 

Phone: +61 2 9267 7311  




Graduated from University of Natal in 1970

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Laws

Admitted as a Solicitor in South Africa in 1972

Admitted as a Solicitor in various African States in 1980/1981

Admitted as a Solicitor in Australia 1984

Admitted as a Notary in 1992

David Alexander is a Consultant who practices in the areas of Business Law, Commercial Law, Property Law, Wills & Probate and Contested Estate matters. 

He studied Arts/Law at the University of Natal in South Africa and has practiced as a solicitor in South Africa from 1972 prior to moving to Australia. 

David was admitted in Perth before moving to Australia. He was admitted as an Australian solicitor in 1984. 

Alexander & Associates traces its history back to 1985 when David Alexander established the firm in Sydney’s CBD. In 1999 he acquired the firm of John Goold & Co, a firm started by John Goold in 1963. John Goold remained as a Consultant for several years before retiring. 

David Alexander has built a reputation on Sydney’s North Shore as a very capable business and commercial lawyer. 

When David Alexander’s firm merged with Goldrick Farrell Mullan in 2010 David continued to serve as a senior Consultant at the Chatswood office. 

David can advise and assist on all aspects of business and commercial matters. 

In his role as Public Notary he is available to attend client’s corporate offices for Board meetings by appointment.