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David Alexander

Consultant (Retired)

Contact Details

Office:  Sydney

Phone: +61 2 9267 7311  



Graduated from University of Natal in 1970

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Laws

Admitted as a Solicitor in South Africa in 1972

Admitted as a Solicitor in various African States in 1980/1981

Admitted as a Solicitor in Australia 1984 to 2020

Admitted as a Notary in 1992

David Alexander is now retired and is no longer entitled to practice as a legal practitioner in New South Wales.

He studied Arts/Law at the University of Natal in South Africa and has practiced as a solicitor in South Africa from 1972 prior to moving to Australia. 

David was admitted in Perth before moving to Australia. He was admitted as an Australian solicitor in 1984. 

Alexander & Associates traces its history back to 1985 when David Alexander established the firm in Sydney’s CBD. In 1999 he acquired the firm of John Goold & Co, a firm started by John Goold in 1963. John Goold remained as a Consultant for several years before retiring. 

When David Alexander’s firm merged with Goldrick Farrell Mullan in 2010 David continued to serve as a senior Consultant at the Chatswood office until his retirement in June 2020. 


Any former clients of Alexander & Associates seeking advice as to current or former matters David was handling should contact Vin Goldrick.

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